Why Adrian

Moral Values, Ethics, Discipline, Leadership, Humanity of #Greatness.

Academics that integrates and improves the child to Dream, Think, Explore for #Sustainability.

Overall sports, Extra Curricular Activities & Healthy Lunch for a Healthy generation to set #Legacy.

We, at Adrian, believe that education and school plays a pivotal role in sculpting children to Human beings, who thrive to embark their presence to make a positive impact with Greatness Attitude, sustaining to set Legacy. It is firmly believed that when we touch a child, we touch a family and indeed it ripples to the society, instilling values like humility, integrity, compassion towards the world and lives of others. Mentoring children towards ethics, values and discipline is an everyday ritual at Adrian Schools.

The Core Values and Principles instilled by the Prefects of our institution include

• Greatness

• High Morale

• Leadership

• Ethics

• Values

• Courage

• Humanity

• Discipline