It is our firm belief at Adrian, that our students achieve their true potential, by giving them the opportunity to balance the academics & their interests outside the class. The scope of extra & co-curricular activities at Adrian covers a wide & extensive range including club initiated activities and other inter/intra school events/competitions.

‘Our Greatest Glory is not never failing, but in rising any time we fall’. - Confusious

Learning is a life-time process and at Adrian, children are taught to have a robust environment with respect to competitions motivating them to taste victory and also rise higher from failures.

We are happy to offer around 15 different sports and co-curricular activities to the students at Adrian, viz.,

1. Dual Tennis Court

2. Skating Rink

3. Foot Ball - 11- Aside Court

4. Swimming

5. Karate

6. Bow & Archery

7. Chess