At Adrian, education delivers a customized syllabus specifically framed from the scratch which met the local need, satisfying the Global parameters.

Our Vision

Good lands from the Good Parent, -
Good seeds of Greatness from us, - Showers of Wisdom & Goodness from Creator God…

To raise up a New Society of Greatness…

Our Mission

Whatever is True! - Whatever is Noble! - Whatever is Just! - Whatever is Pure! - Whatever is Lovely & Good Report! - Whatever is Value! - Whatever is Virtue! - Whatever is Praiseworthy & Beautiful!

We think of it, Work for it

Why adrian?

Our Purpose:

Moral Values, Ethics, Discipline, Leadership, Humanity of #Greatness. Academics that integrates and improves the child to Dream, Think, Explore for #Sustainability.

Our Values :

The Core Values and Principles instilled by the Prefects of our institution include Greatness - High Morale - Leadership - Ethics - Values - Courage - Humanity - Discipline